Nora’s illustrious career spans Product development and Product support in the SEC Regulated Financial sector and Education segment with experience ranging from in-person to multi-media instruction.

Here’s what Nora has to say in her own words:

“Every practice, every provider, every physician is different. That’s what makes it challenging. Truly understanding and believing in this fact is what my clients appreciate most."

This is why it has been a personally rewarding and satisfying journey.

A background in the highly regulated 'no room for error', 'confidentiality' driven, regulatory environment has prepared Nora for the mission critical, regulated and high-stakes Privacy and HIPAA driven Healthcare IT sector.

Clients welcome the fact that I understand their needs, to improve efficiency in their practice workflow. Technology and solutions are just tools. My team looks at the entire process and applies solutions to help solve the problems doctors encounter in their current practice situation.

That’s what makes my life rewarding – that I am able to help people that help people. What can be more satisfying that that?”