Access to Your System

On premises solutions require third-party VPN software to access their server. This requires management of another layer of network as well as VPN software connected to a particular lap-top or workstation. This can make access to your system particularly difficult when you are at the hospital or away on vacation.  Without that third-party software that has been specifically authenticated to your VPN, you can’t access your data. When multiple providers or employees need remote access this becomes even more difficult.

Web-enabled or remotely hosted systems allow you to connect through a VPN, Citrix Server or through windows virtualization. In fact it is through these third-party software solutions that you connect to your software on a regular basis. The problem is that not only are these solutions expensive by requiring another layer of licensing, but they introduce a layer of latency and potential break-down in accessing your data. The reason these web-enabling technologies exist is because the underlying software was not built for the web i.e. it is not intrinsically web-native.

In distinction to on-premises and web-enabled solutions, a true web-native solution enables you to access your system directly from the web without going through third-party software. Using web-server software that is in the same layer as the software application, software is delivered to your web-browser with <100 millisecond latency. This configuration decreases latency, eliminates a layer of licensing fees and increases the opportunities and methods of accessing your data as long as you have access to the Internet. The security of this structure through an encrypted secure socket is the same used by banks, credit card companies and the defense department.  Don’t entrust access and security to an amateur.

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