Some Doctors Refuse EHR Switch Despite Incentives

According to a recent report from the Washington Post, it seems that despite the federal cash incentives and benefits of electronic health record systems, some doctors are refusing to let go of their existing pen and paper systems.

Government statistics show that about 20 percent of U.S. hospitals and and 30 percent of office-based primary-care doctors adopted a basic electronic record system in 2010.

Electronic medical records (EMR) provides many benefits over traditional paper systems. Electronic health records allow doctors to easily and quickly look up patient information and history. Medical records can be easily shared/transferred between health facilities.

According to the article, some doctors feel that don’t stand to benefit much from these changes. They feel the improvements of EMR mostly benefit patients and insurance companies, and that the time and training required to adopt and EMR is an additional burden.

To qualify for EMR incentives, doctors must certain criteria, including regularly using computerized records for logging diagnoses and visits, ordering prescriptions and drug interaction monitoring.

Starting in 2015, doctors who are not on a EHM system risk having their Medicare reimbursements cut.

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