Psychiatry-Specific Notes Enable Quick Charting

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WRS Psychiatry EMR Supports All Common Behavioral Health Encounters, Offers a Choice of Charting Methods

WRS Psychiatry EMR is pre-loaded with the content used by mental and behavioral health specialists and sub-specialists, including DSM-IV-R / DSM-V criteria, and that content is organized to enable you to efficiently chart evaluations, therapy sessions, follow-up  visits and other encounters.

For example, the Comprehensive Initial Psychiatric Exam note template is structured to facilitate the capture of a full Psychiatric inventory including Review of Systems; Medical and Social histories; Psychiatric, Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Social histories; Psychiatric Exam elements of general appearance, speech reasoning and mental status; and DSM AXIS and plan.

Charting an initial psychiatry patient visit

All WRS Psychiatry note templates are pre-populated with commonly used content, enable charting with a minimum of clicks (or via voice recognition) and can accept free text.

Numerical data including lab values, weight and BMI can be quickly entered and tracked over time as tables or graphs, according to your preference.

Additionally, since no two behavioral health practitioners have exactly the same charting needs or styles, we provide our 6-Tier Customization Engine. It enables you to quickly establish your own library of templates that suite your practice focus, assessment and treatment preferences and charting style.

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We wanted a system that would be easy for the doctors and that wouldn't take too much time away from their making eye contact with patients. – Rachel Simpson, Office Manager, Connecticut Behavioral Health Associates