Data Backup

Data backup falls on the office-staff or a 3rd party vendor that the practice oversees in an on-premises solution. Not only is it required that you perform your own backup, but the act of data or software restoration falls on the practice. Think about the problems you may have had restoring data to your home desktop.

Although a “web-enabled” solution provides for centralized data backup the data sets are essentially those of the practice and if there is a problem with your server, it’s still your responsibility – even if it was hosted by your vendor. Moreover, when data is lost or systems go down requiring a data restore there are the same problems with software versions, hardware updates and the knowledge of the network administrator to manage your servers --- even if through the web.

With a true Cloud solution data backup and restore is handled by the vendor and professionally managed through ever-changing and ever-improving backup and restore algorithms. As backup technology improves, you see the benefit of this technology seamlessly and in real-time.

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