Psychiatry Medication Management Provides Important Safeguards

EMR Creates Efficiencies so You Can Focus on Your Patient

Medication Management in Psychiatry EMR

The growth in the number of psychopharmacologic agents available has increased therapeutic options but also complicated treatment. The Psychiatry EMR automates the routine aspects of medication management, saving time, reducing risks and freeing you to focus on the patient.

  • Medication history is captured and included as part of the patient record enabling you to quickly see medications that have been previously tried and to identify potential drug-seeking behavior. Available are:
    • Medications prescribed by your practice
    • Medications prescribed by other practices and filled under the patient’s insurance plan
    • Medications self-reported by the patient via the integrated patient portal

Updates, such as archiving medications for which the course of therapy has been completed, are made with just a few clicks.

Multiple medications
  • E-prescribing eliminates the error risks associated with handwritten scripts as well as the potential for a patient to request a replacement for a lost paper script. With WRS Psychiatry EMR, e-prescribing is set up for maximum efficiency. Your 10 most frequently prescribed medications are presented. Choose one, or enter a different medication and the standard sig fields automatically populate. The script can then be sent to a pharmacy of the patient's choice.
  • Interaction checking is important for all specialties, but even more so in Psychiatry where the volume of patients treated with multiple medications and complex regimens makes medication management a particular challenge. When a script is written via the WRS Psychiatry EMR, checks automatically occur and alerts may be triggered for
    • Drug-drug interactions
    • Drug-condition/disease interactions
    • Allergies

The alerts are informational and the prescriber can choose to continue with the current script when appropriate.

  • Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders can easily be set for lithium, tricyclic antidepressants, clozapine and other medications that require therapeutic monitoring and ongoing lab work. Your practice determines the protocols, and WRS will automatically alert patients by phone and/or email. When labs are ordered, WRS exclusive Order Tracking System monitors the status, alerts you to any actions needed and documents patient communications.

E-prescribing reduces my phone calls and the time it takes to make them. It is also a safety feature for patients. They are certain they didn't lose the Rx or duplicate it. – Kendall Genre, M.D., New Orleans