Data File Update

Master data sets are becoming more and more important for the medical practice including National Drug Codes, ICD-9, ICD-10, HCPC, CPT, Taxonomy, SNOMED, RxNorm, Physician NPI data, etc. Most on-premises systems require that you input your own setup data or separately buy data files; update your files and manage data discrepancies. Most practices don’t have the knowledge or resources to professionally manage this process.

With a “web-enabled” or hosted system your practice bears all the responsibilities for master data sets as an on-premises solution.

With Waiting Room Solutions cloud system we maintain over 45 individual and regularly updated data sets that require daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly periodic updates. We manage not only the integrity of the data but the timeliness of the data. When one data set is out of sync that can have a significant impact on your practice. Master data-set updates should be done by a professional. The centrally managed web model is the only configuration where this can be done correctly, efficiently, and professionally.

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