ENT Surgery Workflow Queue Prompts and Documents Each Step

ENT Surgical Workflow

In a busy Head and Neck practice, the workflow associated with surgery can be a tremendous burden. The ENT Surgical Workflow Queue helps ensure critical steps are addressed by helping you manage the process from beginning-to-end:

Preoperative – Addresses all activities prior to the surgery date. Manage:
  • Preauthorizations
  • Medical clearance
  • Scheduling the surgery
  • Preoperative testing
  • Consents
  • Communications with the operating room

Perioperative – Covers the date of surgery plus six days and includes:

  • Entry of the surgical procedure into the patient's record
  • Seamless claim creation

Postoperative – Patient follow ups are recorded

  • Visits are recorded
  • You are alerted to the end of the global period for billing services

Completed – Care subsequent to the global period

  • Care is recorded and billed
  • Useful for reviewing past surgical cases or cancelled surgeries.