Connections (Labs, Pharmacies, Hospitals, HIE, Patient Portal)

Connections to payers, labs, pharmacies, hospitals and health information exchanges are all required for meaningful use. The connectivity features of systems are critical for Stage II Meaningful Use.

With on premises systems connections go directly to your office-server. Not only is each new connection established anew, but the act of maintaining and updating multiple connections creates a management problem for a small office. When errors occur and the connection breaks down or fails to establish, there is usually finger-pointing between the 3-4 entities involved in the connection. This becomes a serious hassle for small practices.

With a web-enabled system, although your server is managed by a third-party; each connection is made anew and only for you. As such the burden and cost of this connection is usually born by the practice.

With a cloud-based system the connections are all made centrally and continually monitored and managed by the vendor. Costs are not typically incurred by the practice for most standard connections because they do not need to be made anew each time. Therefore connecting to labs, pharmacies, hospitals, patients, other physicians and health information exchanges is a breeze with a cloud-based system.

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