The biggest problem is that if a lab result isn’t reported and I don’t see it, and I don’t know that I haven’t seen it, that’s a major liability. With Waiting Room Solutions, every order that’s entered is tracked to completion. – Patrick Hennessey, M.D., Orlando, FL
Informed Consent Document

Mitigating the Risks Inherent to ENT Practices

Informed Consent Documentation

The ENT Surgery Workflow Queue ensures Informed Consent is properly documented before the procedure is scheduled and maintains the information as part of the patient record.

Relavant, Accurate and Up-to-Date Patient Education

Up-to-Date Patient Education

When you make a diagnosis or recommend a procedure, relevant education information is automatically emailed to the patient and queued for printing at the front desk. Commonly used educational content for ENT patients includes Cawthorne exercises, Reflux Regimen, Epistaxis regiment and TMJ regiments.These are tied to diagnosis codes so that patient education is seamlessly linked to charting your encounter note.

Automated ENT Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders

Automated Health Maintenance

Automatically alert patients by phone, SMS or email. Our ENT EMR has automated the process of recalling ENT patients for routine Ear, Nose, and Throat conditions or procedures such as annual audiograms, tube-checks, allergy shots, thyroglobulin and TSH lab checks. Alerts are programmed in and they can then be modified based on practice preference and commonly accepted Otolaryngology clinical guidelines.

Track Lab Orders, results and Ensure Patient Compliance Automatically

Our exclusive ENT Order Tracking System makes it easy for practices to monitor the status of labs ordered as well as to review results and forward them on to the patient via the patient portal.

If you need to intervene with a patient who hasn’t acted on a Sinus CT scan, an audiogram or  another important order, based on your setup parameters a reminder email and phone call will be sent automatically. You can also schedule automated patient reminders to inform patients only if you haven’t received lab results by the expected date.

Order Tracking System