Mitigate the Risks Inherent to Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Practice

Secure and Complete Control of Your Practice

Highest Security Certifications in the EMR Industry

Our Psychiatry EMR gives you complete control over who in your practice can access the different types of data in your system. Permissions can be set by role, location, patient and even time of day.

Time-stamped logs are automatically created for Security, Clinical and Emergency access. Each log entry includes the date and time, event, user name and user IP address so you know the who, what and where of anyone accessing your practice.

Automated Health Maintenance

Automated Patient Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders

WRS Health has automated the process of recalling patients for follow-ups and sending Health Maintenance Reminders for, urinanalysis, blood work and other tests and screenings. Alerts are programmed in and can then be modified based on practice preference and commonly accepted psychiatric clinical guidelines.Your practice determines the protocols and WRS will automatically alert patients by phone, SMS or email.

Easily Track Lab Orders, Results and Patient Compliance

Psychiatric medications, while helpful, can have potentially life-threatening side effects. WRS exclusive Order Tracking System makes it easy to monitor whether patients have complied with vital lab orders and to follow up. For example, patients at risk for neutropenia who haven’t acted on a Complete Blood Count within a set period of time can automatically receive follow up emails and phone calls.

As with Health Maintenance Reminders, your practice determines the parameters and the patient outreach occurs automatically. Additionally, the tests ordered, results and patient communications are all documented in the system.

Order Tracking System