WRS EMR Receives Accolades For Helping Physicians Provide Medications to Patients Post Disasters

Concerned that systems are in place to ensure that individuals with lost medications post disaster have access to records to allow timely provision of medications, Dr. Matthew Willis, Public Health Officer, California’s County of Marin, Department of HHS, praised WRS for publishing an article outlining the value of having a web-based EMR.

WRS article, Does Your Practice Have A Lifeline to your Patients’ Medical Records In A Superstorm? was posted on several websites, including The Hudson Valley Business Journal, ADVANCE for NPs and PAs, and Pharmacists Planning Service Inc. (PPSI). The article outlined how WRS EMR helped physicians care for patients during and after Hurricane Sandy. Physicians using WRS were able to access patients' records and send e-prescriptions to pharmacies, enabling patients to receive their medications in the midst of the late October super storm.

Commenting on the article, Dr. Willis said,"This is a wonderful article outlining one of the unsung benefits of an EMR, its utility post disaster when paper charts may not be accessible or are damaged. The EMR battle has been won in Marin for the most part, where virtually all provider systems have adopted an EMR or are in the process of doing so."

This video provides an overview of WRS award-winning eRX functionality.