Dr. Gordon, Waiting Room Solutions

Seamless ENT Clinical and Practice Management Workflow -  Without the Hassles

Our ENT EMR and Practice Management system was specifically designed to meet the needs of Otolaryngologists and their patients. We understand the hassles of logging in and out of different systems. Built on a single platform, our ENT EMR integrates every aspect of your head and neck practice. We can take you from appointment scheduling through revenue cycle management without any disruptions to your practice.
The result: Increased efficiencies and ensuring you get paid for the services you perform.

Created by an Otolaryngologist Who Shares Your Vision

Lawrence Gordon, M.D.is a practicing head and neck surgeon. He struggled in the absence of a truly integrated EMR and Practice Management system. His dream was to develop a single system that would meet the changing needs of his growing ENT practice. Inspired by a desire to see greater efficiency and a smooth workflow, he created a new system that provides all otolaryngologists with a seamless ENT workflow. Dr. Gordon’s Otolaryngology EMR and Practice Management system continues to address Otolaryngologists’ latest concerns. A leader in EMR innovation, our system is further enhanced by regular contributions from the robust ENT-Cloud community.

The fact that it was specially made for ENT physicians by ENT physicians shows. It is very easy to use and fast. – Rhonda Oliver, Practice Manager, Coastal ENT, Savannah, GA