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Are Your

Patients Dissatisfied?

Your EHR May Be to Blame

With EHRs contributing substantially to how medical practices are run, they doubtless also affect healthcare provision outcomes, resulting in satisfied or dissatisfied patients.

Your EHR could be the reason your patients are dissatisfied. Download this FREE GUIDE to figure out if this is the case and what you can do about it.

Patient dissatisfaction is a rising problem healthcare providers are grappling with. Patients aren’t happy, and EHRs are one of the culprits.

EHR technology was conceived to improve practice efficiency and provide patients with better healthcare services. This has hardly been the case.

  • Usability: How usable is your current EHR? Is it enabling your staff or hindering them?
  • Accessibility: When it comes to information collected, does your EHR make it easy to retrieve this information?
  • Stream-lined workflow: Is your EHR shorten-ing your workflow or lengthening it?
  • Other areas addressed include: Training and compliance, integration, mobile access, and extensibility and updates.