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Physician's Guide to Reputation Management
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If you don’t take control of how you are represented online, others will do it for you. Make the right investment in the management and protection of your reputation.

Physician Reputation Management

Are You Making the Right Investments?

Managing your reputation is key for success.

Did you know that 44% of patients research online before making a decision of who to contact? One in five consult online reviews and rankings of health care service providers.

With numbers like those, you can’t afford to leave your reputation to chance.

In our free guide, we answer important questions facing today’s medical professionals.

  • Why is managing your reputation as a doctor important?
  • How does a negative reputation affect your bottom line?
  • What should you be doing to bolster your reputation?
  • Online vs. offline reputation. Which one matters most?
  • Can you manage your reputation yourself or do you need to hire a publicity firm?