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Will Your Practice Survive a Meaningful Use Audit?

Prepare and Survive a MU Audit Guide

Failing a Meaningful Use audit can significantly set your practice back financially.

Don’t allow this to happen. Download this free guide and start preparing now.

Meaningful Use audits randomly audit EPs, EHs and CAH facilities enrolled in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs. If picked, does your practice have what it takes to survive?

While not every practice will be audited, those that are, often fail the audit and have to reimburse the government. These reimbursements can run into millions of dollars.

To help you prepare for an audit, this guide offers you survival tips on:

  • What documentation you need to have in place
  • What the audit will cover
  • Which year the audit will cover
  • How to prepare your staff for a MU audit