How to Avert Risk and Optimally Manage Your Data.



Digital Transformation in Healthcare 

One of the biggest challenges of digitalization and EHRs, is the reams of data it yields, and with whom that data can be shared. More importantly, how that data can be used to improve patient care in the future.

planning for the long-term
As many physicians have already experienced with COVID-19 accelerating the patient experience, the opportunities and regulations continue to change. Our Consent Management interactive guide looks at topics, such as:

  • Digital interoperability
  • Benefits of interoperability
  • Cure Act and FHIR 

While some may consider managing their own consent data, there are risks as well as complexities. The most common claim in medical malpractice lawsuit is “lack of informed consent”. Furthermore, new privacy and security certification criteria with ONC need to be met by December 31, 2022.

Get a better understanding of what the risks are and how to optimally manage your patient data.