Protect Your Practice
and Your Patients’ Privacy

While most industries are exposed, the healthcare industry has the additional burden and promise by law of protecting patient information. Under normal situations, there is already an urgency and responsibility when it comes to cybersecurity within a medical practice, but with a global pandemic, it becomes amplified.


Understand how best to implement proper cybersecurity measures

Cybersecurity for Medical Practices

Besides caring for patients, physicians are responsible for taking the necessary steps to avoid healthcare data breaches. Your practice plays a crucial part in protecting patients’ data such as their social security numbers, demographics, etc. Learn how to protect your practice from hackers and properly train your employees to be vigilant about cybersecurity.

In this guide, to help you protect your practice and improve security, we cover topics such as:

  • Know Where Your Data Is
  • Local Servers vs. the Cloud
  • Mobile Device Safety
  • and Other Best Practices