Identify, Track, and Manage Underpayments

Underpayments are costing you. Insurers underpay providers by 7% to 11% on average according to the Medical Group Management Association.

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Underpayments from insurers, called “Allowable Mismatch” can lead to significant revenue losses for your practice if left unnoticed.

If you are not tracking allowable mismatches in your practice, you are not receiving all you are due contractually from your payors.

The challenge for many practices, however, is identifying and tracking these underpayments. Without question, your EHR should be able to help by tracking mismatches and offering reports to help your practice monitor them.

In this guide, we highlight the different ways you can manage mismatches such as:

Steps on how to capture allowable mismatches

What to do when you detect allowable mismatches

Best practices for

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