5 Tips to Staying Independent in the Age of Covid-19

“When doctors give up their independence to work for health systems, studies show that healthcare costs go up, quality goes down, access to care is limited, jobs are lost, communities suffer financial harm, and doctors feel less satisfied. Everybody pays … ”

Association of Independent Doctors (AID)

While there are challenges to being an independent physician, there are also considerable benefits and rewards. Notably, independent physicians operate with increased flexibility and autonomy, provide improved patient care, lower patient costs, and receive higher job satisfaction, to name a few.

During this economic downturn, we look at these considerations to improve long-term sustainability:

  • Rethinking your business model
  • Building your brand
  • Investing in technology
  • Carving your niche
  • Forming alliances and joining organizations

Improve your practIce’s economic and long-term sustainability wIth these five tips, while stIll providing the best possible care for patients.