“Billing now is a breeze as all I have to do is send all the bills to WRS Health every night and they do all the rest. It’s actually pathetically easy, and I love it!”


Ms. Lee, who is still practicing medicine after most of her colleagues have retired, approached WRS Health with her billing challenges. She had been handling her billing herself for a full year but it was overwhelming. With a small practice, she couldn’t afford to hire a dedicated biller. After realizing she needed outside assistance, she reached out to WRS Health, her EHR provider, to find out if there’s any way WRS Health could help her with billing. After analyzing the practice and understanding Ms. Lee’s needs, WRS Health offered her a turnkey solution. 

Client Background

Ms. Karen Lee has been a nurse practitioner for the last forty years. A proud mother of two and a grandmother twice over, Ms. Lee’s focus is on women’s health, with an emphasis on post-menopausal health. After working for various practices and hospitals over the years, Ms. Lee finally moved her practice into her home in order to simplify her work. This has worked out well for her as it has helped offer her patients the kind of personalized attention and healthcare that she so passionately believes in. With this background, it’s easy to see why Ms. Lee wouldn’t want anything to take away from her patients, not the least having to do extensive paperwork. Billing became one such thing that was threating to steal the joy out of the work Ms. Lee so loves to do. Being in her early seventies, the only thing that slowed down Ms. Lee was the billing, reaching out to WRS Health solved that problem. 

Billing Challenges and Solutions

When Ms. Karen Lee approached WRS Health to assist her with some billing challenges she was facing, a WRS Health billing specialist did an analysis of her practice’s billing. It was determined that Ms. Lee’s billing challenges where as follows:

  • The process of doing billing herself was too complex a task for her and trying to do so for the past year had only served to depress her.
  • The billing challenges were affecting her insurance payouts.
  • She needed more time to spend with her patients, which was being affected by billing
  • She needed a solution that was less expensive than hiring an internal biller.

Ms. Karen Lee’s practice consists of herself and a receptionist. This has been the case for a number of years as she runs her practice from her home, which offers her the flexibility and her patients the personalized care she esteems very highly. “I love practicing out of my home. There’s no commute, I get to give my patients a homey and relaxed environment and I get to practice on my own terms. The down side to this is that there’s a lot I have to do myself. Billing was one of those things. It was tough. I’m not very good with numbers so trying to juggle all those numbers simply stole my joy and I found myself feeling down about the whole thing. That’s when I reached out to WRS Health to see if there’s anything they could do to help me with this challenge I was facing.”

This isn’t a situation unique to Ms. Lee. Many solo practitioners often find themselves ill-equipped to take on billing requirements for their practice, no matter how tiny. WRS Health in response to this offers a way for small practice owners to get out this, through their Billing Management Solution. For a small monthly fee, WRS Health will do all the billing work leaving physicians free to pursue their interests in their practices. This is Ms. Lee’s take after signing up for the WRS Health outsourced billing solution; “I was relieved! Billing now is a breeze as all I have to do is send all the bills to WRS Health every night and they do all the rest. It’s actually pathetically easy, and I love it! I now don’t have to struggle doing something I’m not particularly good at and I feel more at peace with how things are now.”

Disrupted Cash Flow 

Ms. Lee sees a good number of patients with insurance so the challenges she was facing with billing factored straight into this, resulting in a spike in denials. Being a small practice, anything affecting revenues was a huge challenge. So when she reached out to WRS Health, it was not only because she was faltering in managing the billings of her practice, but also because there was a threat to revenues as a result. “I run my practice on a very tight revenue leash. If anything disrupts our revenue even slightly, it can potentially start a ripple effect with some unpleasant results. That is why when I saw our claims denial rate go up slightly, I knew something had to change, and do so fast! I contacted WRS Health because I knew they had financial and billing experts and I hoped to draw from that pool of expertise to reverse the spike in claims denials my practice was experiencing.”

WRS Health has seen this scenario play out in dozens of practices across the country where claims denials start going up due to challenges with billings. When Ms. Lee approached WRS Health, it was immediately determined that there was some slippage in revenue that needed to be corrected. But the root cause was billing and so this is what got immediate attention. By taking up Ms. Lee’s billing, WRS Health was able to arrest the revenue slippage and restore claims payments to 100%. “It was amazing how WRS came to my rescue!” exclaimed Ms. Lee. “Having struggled to do all the billing work myself and still seen denials go up, I was ready for a miracle, one I hoped would come soon. After I handed over my billing to WRS, claims denials went down and my revenues returned to where they were. I’m very pleased with this outcome as this was a great source of anxiety for me.”

Time Savings 

Small practices with a solo provider are usually forced to undertake all their billing requirements in-house. In some instances an internal biller is hired to do the billing while in most other cases, it is the primary provider who has to undertake this work. “As a solo provider, I didn’t have a choice but to do the billing work myself,” remembers Ms. Lee. “I’m no good at numbers so in addition to the difficulty of the task, it also consumed a lot of my time, time that I felt I should be spending with my patients and family. As a result of this I felt bad about it and often found myself depressed at the bleak reality that has staring right back at me. I needed something to change to give me back my time and freedom to invest in the things I cared more about.” Having WRS Health do the billing for her did the trick.

WRS Health supports solo practitioners by taking up the billing work they would otherwise have to undertake themselves. This unique service has seen many solo practitioners save significant amounts of time they had previously spent on billing. As a direct beneficiary of this time-saving solution, this is what Ms. Lee had to say, “After handing over the billing work to WRS Health, all I need to do now is only send them my bills every night. After that I’m free. The result of this has been that I now feel more at peace and happier with how things are. Billing had been a source of stress for me from the long hours of grueling work I had to put in so I’m very happy that I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

Cost Savings 

“I spent some time looking at some other billing solutions but they were all so costly,” says Ms. Lee. “Hiring an internal biller was probably the most expensive option available to me while getting a part-time one just seemed too complicated.” This situation is what saw Ms. Lee take on the billing work herself and work at it for a year. In this year she was not able to get a good flow and with little headway in terms of understanding and running the numbers expertly, she decided to reach out to WRS Health, her EHR service provider, and see if there was a way they could help with the billing process.

WRS Health understood that as a small practice, Ms. Lee’s and other similar practices require a cost-effective billing solution that won’t break the bank. That is why WRS Health offers a simple and affordable billing solution that takes the pain of billing away from the practice. This solution worked perfectly for Ms. Lee: “One of the things I really love about the billing service WRS offers me is that it’s so cost effective. If I had to hire a dedicated internal biller I’d need to fork out many times over what I now pay and for that I’m very grateful.”

Outcomes and Impact 

Before WRS Health took over Ms. Lee’s billing needs, she had to do all the work herself. As a result, she experienced stress, increased denials, and time crunch, among other challenges. After reaching out to WRS Health to help with her billing, these are the outcomes Ms. Lee was able to enjoy:

Dramatic decrease in stress about her billing and cash flow, as they are now well taken care of by the experts.

Denials are the bane of any practice large or small. For Ms. Lee’s practice, this was as a result of the challenges she was facing with her billing. After WRS Health took over, Ms. Lee was able to see close to no denials thereafter.

Ms. Lee is passionate about her patients and her family, and desires to spend more quality time with them, something her struggles with billing were getting in the way of. After reaching out to WRS Health and transferring her billing tasks to them, she now feels she has more time to invest in the things she loves and cares more about.


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