Waiting Room Solutions and Availity have partnered to ease the paperwork process within the WRS EMR workflow.

 Waiting Room Solutions (WRS), web based EMR and practice management system provider and Availity, clearinghouse announced a partnership that allows practices to focus more on patients rather than on paperwork.

Goshen, NY (October 13, 2011) – Waiting Room Solutions (WRS) is a leading web-based ambulatory EHR vendor, and Availity, among the nation’s premier claim processing provider, have partnered to increase efficiency to the claims collection process in the WRS system. Avality is redefining the electronic Health Information exchange industry by providing healthcare organizations with better tools to process claims. The partnership helps eliminate the lost productivity associated with implementing an ambulatory EHR, which historically has been a major barrier to widespread adoption.

With the WRS, Availity partnership, office staff can reduce the time spent filling out paperwork. Availity offers a seamless interface for Waiting Room Solutions clients. Waiting Room Solutions is excited to partner with such a premier provider to better improve WRS system. The partnership has been instrumental in improving efficiency and reducing administrative costs for medical practices. “Our clients see the benefits immediately” said Dr. Lawrence Gordon, CEO of Waiting Room Solutions.

About Waiting Room Solutions
Waiting Room Solutions is the leading web-based provider of fully integrated EMR and Practice Management software solutions for over 32 medical specialties. Waiting Room Solutions seamlessly integrates all of the clinical and business functions required for healthcare providers, including: Electronic Medical Records, Revenue Cycle Management, Personal Health Records, electronic prescribing (ERx), scheduling, website creation and content management, messaging, fax, order tracking, and billing -- all at an affordable price. 2011 Waiting Room Solutions Web Based EHR and Practice Management System V4.0 is a CCHIT Certified® 2011 Ambulatory EHR. Waiting Room Solutions is also a Surescripts® Solution Provider for its web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management System (PMS) V4.0. The EMR and PMS V4.0 is Surescripts certified for prescription routing messaging. It has been designed and built by successful medical professionals, who leveraged their expertise to help other healthcare providers with similar issues. Waiting Room Solutions continues to be recognized for its cutting edge technology.

About Availity
Availity optimizes information exchange between multiple health care stakeholders through a single, secure network. The Availity Health Information Network encompasses administrative, financial, and clinical services, supporting both real-time and batch exchange via the web, business to business (B2B) integration, and electronic data interchange (EDI).

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