Affordable Web Based Medical Document Management with Integrated Fax & Insurance Card / License Scanner

Web-based Medical Document Management Solutions 


Powerful medical document management solutions that allow you to easily scan your old paper charts to make them readily available to you online from anywhere on the Web.

Waiting Room Solutions makes the transition from paper to electronic charts seamless. Our powerful medical document management solution allows you to scan and index your old paper charts and reports so that they are available to you online with the Waiting Room Solutions EMR. You can instantly access any paper document that was in the patient chart.

To further ensure that your old paper documents are integrated into the electronic Waiting Room Solution medical document management system, our fax server and document management solution allows your staff to input faxes into the patient's EMR right from their computer -- without having to print them out. Paper documents can always be scanned and added to the patient record.


Integrated Online Fax Solution

Waiting Room Solutions Online Fax is fully integrated in the laboratory management workflow. Now you can quickly,cleanly and easily file electronic faxes directly into the patient’s chart. No scanning, no uploading, no extra mouse clicks. Its’ all integrated in one neat package. You will save hours of work each day reviewing charts, laboratory results and radiology results. We make one easy queue for you to review in the office, at home or away. Get on top of your faxed laboratory, radiology and order results with the Waiting Room Solutions integrated fax system:

  • Faxes sent directly into the Waiting Room Solutions System
  • Associate Faxes with Ordered Tests
  • Save Physician and Staff Time
  • Affordable Document Management Solution for the Medical Office


WRS Medical Card Scanner for Insurance Card Information and Driver's License Information

Waiting Room Solutions has now partnered with SnapShell® to offer a solution to the laborious task at your front desk of entering insurance card data and license data for your patients.  The card scanner is an external, desktop USB card scanner that allows for integrated data and image capture of patient driver's licenses and insurance cards.  WRS propietary functionality captures images (back and front, requiring two passes) of cards and displays them in WRS for reference by your practice's staff.  Information is then automaticaly extracted and mapped (entered) into the applicable data fields in the WRS web based EMR.  

This functionality can offer your practice numerous cost and time saving benefits.  First, it integrates seamlessly within the WRS Web based EMR Practice Workflow.  It eliminates the need to manually type patient demographic data into WRS and prevents costly data entry errors such as patient name, DOB, and insurance card number.  The WRS Medical Card Scanner combines the former two step process of data entry and card scanning into a single, integrated step.  

There is an easy plug and play installation for the WRS Card Scanner as well as low maintenance (no calibration), low wear and tear (no mechanical moving parts), and excellent picture resolution with 600dpi true color.  There is a fast processing time of 2-3 seconds and it can read the OCR of driver's licenses and ID cards from all 50 US States and over 45 countries around the world.  Did we also mention it extracts both data and images?

The practice user can scan the patient card and/or driver's license.  Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) information is automatically extracted from the patient card.  Once scanning is complete, the user verifies the scanned information and discrete data is transferred into the corresponding fields into WRS:


- First Name
- Middle Initial
- Last Name
- Date of Birth
- Insurance Card #
- Employer or School ID
- Group #
- Copay
- Specialist Copay