What our Clients say

“Dr. Velazquez was able to contribute to the template gallery, something that has given her a great sense of pride as having played a part in making WRS Health system better and more useful for doctors across the US and across the world.”

J. Velazquez, M.D.

“Dr. Perez-Cortes feels he’s now more relaxed and content knowing that most of his key needs in an EHR system have been met with the WRS Health EHR system, something that was previously a challenge when he was paying for more expensive EHR system.”

Dr. Carlos Perez-Cortes

“This is one of the things I positively love about WRS Health, the monthly status review documents they send me that give me insight into how my practice is operating.”

Chester Miltenberger, M.D.

“For the last month our rejection rate was 1.6% compared to the national average of about 4% and the median of 3.2%, thanks to WRS.”

Veerappan Sundar, M.D.

“What used to take an hour, now takes ten minutes with WRS.”

Desiree Centalonza