One-Stop EHR Solution for Large Medical Practices

Our Enterprise Level Package is just that—a single solution.

This Large Medical Practice EHR and Practice Management package includes e-prescribing and medication management features, integrated fax service, automated recalls, health maintenance recalls, appointment reminders, practice portal access and more.

Simplify, Streamline Clinical, Business and Patient workflows

Our cloud-based Large Medical Practice EHR and Practice Management system was designed for physicians by physicians, and we understand what it takes for a doctor, hospital and other medical practices to succeed. Our system delivers a wide-range of benefits for large practices, including:

  • Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

    Just because your practice is large doesn’t mean you should pay astronomical Large Medical Practice EHR fees. Our cost-effective system will simplify your practice management and workflow. Practices with 25 physicians or more experience an average cost savings of 40% annually after switching to WRS Health.

  • Flexibility and Agility

    Flexibility and Agility

    Model and manage your organization within our software as in the real world. When your business units may be divided by location, specialty or some other organizational unit, you want your software management and reporting to reflect this. Healthcare is a constantly changing environment, and change can either be an opportunity or an anchor that drags down your organization. To maximize the opportunity that the change in the healthcare landscape presents, you need agile software that presents new solutions which stay ahead of the curve, and WRS Health provides just that.

  • Specialty Specific

    Specialty Specific

    Your specialty is our specialty. Right out of the box, our software is populated with features specific to your specialty so you have all of the content you need for a smooth clinical workflow. Our Large Medical Practice EHR and Practice Management system is designed to provide the practice with multiple specialties, a customized, specialty-specific experience for each physician within your organization, while billing and other administrative functions are centralized for hassle-free management.

  • Centralized Administrative Control

    Centralized Administrative Control

    Our software makes it simple for administrators to regulate their medical practices so you can minimize HR costs. WRS enables centralized billing, scheduling, reporting and administrative office functions for multiple locations. With 24/7 management control access and the ability set permissions and manage tasking, messaging, logging and restriction, WRS Health is an administrator’s best friend.

  • Highly Customizable

    Highly Customizable

    Our system is highly customizable at all levels of use, from the practice to a sub-group to an individual user. The organic platform learns the way you chart, and your most commonly prescribed medications, diagnoses, procedures and presented back to you for easy selection. Each user is able to easily create an individualized experience.

  • Easily Scalable

    Easily Scalable

    When your practice grows, our software will grow with you. There are no complex, time-consuming upgrades necessary and no additional IT infrastructure needed. This means cost savings and uninterrupted workflow for you throughout the lifetime of your practice.

  • I.T. Simplicity

    I.T. Simplicity

    Forget servers. They take up office space and require constant maintenance, and the server costs are only the beginning: Soon you’re paying for third-party software and updates such as operating systems, antivirus, virtual machine software, citrix servers, replication and backup software in an unending process, until the cost of management and maintenance erodes the efficiency of your organization. The management and opportunity costs associated with maintaining a large internal IT infrastructure within a large organization should not be overlooked. Our cloud-based EHR and Practice Management System takes care of all connection maintenance and updates. We’ll monitor and manage your connectivity to our system, allowing you to focus on medicine, not technical support.

  • Cross Location Reporting

    Cross Location Reporting

    Does your practice have multiple offices? Our software integrates multiple offices into one simplified system, seamlessly serving the needs of each physician and your organization as a whole. Your full patient database is readily accessible on the cloud and the system features easy reporting features, so you can systematize and automate for maximum organizational value:

    • System setup and configuration is centralized but customizable by practice or user. Notes, templates can be completely centrally setup and managed.
    • Training and Implementation is standardized to reflect the needs of your organization.
    • External connections and processes can be completely automated and built into workflow.
    With WRS Health, you’ll be more connected to your practice than ever.
  • Beyond EHR and PM

    Beyond EHR and PM

    The key to business success is having the correct people, performing correct process using the correct tools. We have created a series of select service solutions that will maximize revenues while simplifying your practice. From marketing, meaningful use compliance to revenue cycle management, our services are easily integrated into your EHR workflow and will bring endless benefits to practices like yours.

ACO Connectivity

Large practices are facing the most sweeping payment transformation in history. Shifting to a shared-risk (Accountable Care Organizations) model will inevitably strain the internal resources of most practices regardless of their size. Whether it’s monitoring financial resource consumption or utilizing best practice guidelines, WRS Health understands the challenges and is ready to help.

The WRS Health’s Large Practice EMR Solutions Platform comes HIE connection ready and with all the customizable templates necessary to implement your ACO seamlessly and effortlessly.