WRS Health's Medical Practice Business Solutions

The Business of Medicine

People, Process, Tools. The key to business success is having the right people, performing the right process and using the right tools. Failure to address any one of these elements will derail business goals and undermine success. As the creators of an award-winning EMR, we recognize that our clients often need help in one of these three crucial areas.

After working with thousands of providers and their medical practices, we created a series of interrelated functions that have resulted in the launch of select medical practice business solutions. These new practice management services and business solutions will maximize revenues while simplifying your practice.

Billing Solutions

WRS Health offers providers an exhaustive – but personalized medical billing methodology that delivers proven results with upmost transparency. Our medical billing team will strive to make sure you get paid correctly and collect the maximum for all services performed.

Marketing Services

Many practices make little effort to market their practice and services. This translates into lost opportunities and flat revenue. WRS Physician Business Solutions provides scalable and sustainable marketing plans for medical practices of all sizes, specialties and budgets.

Clinical Compliance

Now more than ever, physicians are under increased pressure from new rules such as MIPS, increased scrutiny and ever changing complexities in medical services. We can help remove these burdens, so that you can concentrate on patient care performed.

Virtual Front Desk

A trained Virtual Front Desk Assistant allows you to meet the ongoing needs of your practice, regardless of how big or small your medical office may be. VFDA offers the flexibility and availability for you and your staff without the interruptions to your operation.



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