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EHR Templates and Charts Tailored to Your Needs

One size does not fit all in an EHR. The physical exam, review of systems and charting requirements are unique for each specialty and subspecialty. WRS Health EHR Templates has over 500 note formats that you can select for your charting. From the start, you are set up with a specialty specific default note format that is perfectly matched to the way you chart, and if we don’t have the note that you expect to see, we’ll make it for you.

We always ensure a perfect fit.

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Every specialty is faced with the common complaints, conditions and diseases. In many circumstances collecting a structured or “templated” history can promote efficiency, completeness and consistency in charting. All templates are created and reviewed by experts in your specialty and ready for use right out of the box. Additional customization is easy and user-specific.
For simple medical encounters and complaints like Coumadin® checks, wax removal and flu vaccine administration, the elements of the encounter note are uniform. In these instances you have the choice to use our exclusive one-click charting functionality to complete pertinent elements of the encounter. We start you with a basic library for your specialty and you can customize it in any way to fit your exact needs.
Physical Exam and ROS findings are unique to your specialty and to each provider. Start with the pre-set library and then use the one-click customization feature to tailor to your needs.
Set up your common diagnoses and commonly performed procedures… just like your paper superbill. We start you with a default list of ICD and CPT codes set up for your specialty and then you can easily add or subtract to meet your needs.
Each assessment, plan and procedure has default text to further elaborate on what was done or planned. We start you with default text which you can then take and customize to your needs.

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