WRS Health Gastroenterology EHR

Gastroenterology EHR and Practice Management Software

WRS Health’s Gastroenterology EHR and Practice Management System is designed specifically to meet the needs of Gastroenterologists, integrating every aspect of your practice from appointment scheduling to revenue cycle management on a single, cloud-based platform. You can access the system 24/7 from home, the hospital or any location with Internet access.

  • Complete Gastroenterology Templates for Upper GI Endoscopies, Lower GI Endoscopies and more as well as Comprehensive Clinical Content for Quick Charting including full reporting of Clinical Quality Measures (CQM).
  • Automated Health Maintenance Alerts and patient recall for management of heartburn, chest pain, and other gastroenterology symptoms.
  • Powerful and Integrated Gastroenterology Billing and Revenue Cycle Management that gets you proper and complete reimbursement for all the services you provide.
  • Import of Endoscopy Report and Images, Bi-directional Lab interfaces, Document Management and integrated electronic Fax management.
  • Regulatory Compliance and reporting for PQRS and Meaningful Use Incentive programs.
  • Gastroenterologist Practice Marketing Solutions that help you cultivate your image and the services you provide, so your practice can stand out and succeed.
We don’t waste a lot of time with patients filling out information. Everything is entered online, including the family history and medical history. Everything is already built.”

Dr. Victor Kareh

Gastroenterology Templates and Charting

WRS Health EHR comes pre-loaded with notes and templates specifically designed for Gastroenterology. Content organization and workflow enables you to seamlessly chart initial visits, surgical workflow, follow-up visits and other encounters.

WRS Health Gastroenterology EHR

Gastroenterology Templates and Content ‘Out of the Box’

The system is pre-populated with content used most frequently by gastroenterology practices. Endoscopies, colonoscopies and other imaging can be easily incorporated into your patients’ charts. For the Gastroenterology Review of Systems, you will find gastroenterology-relevant complaints and symptoms such as abdominal distension, constipation, haematemesis, jaundice and weight loss. The content in your note has been reviewed and refined by Gastroenterologists.

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Abdominal Swelling
  • Bloody Stool
  • Celiac disease (adult)
  • Constipation
  • Crohn’s Follow-up
  • Diarrhea
  • Diarrhea in Children
  • Dyspepsia
  • Dysphagia
  • Gastroparesis
  • GERD
  • Jaundice
  • Operative Report
  • Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD)
  • Pre-colon
  • Procedure
  • Screening ColonoscopyWeight Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • and more


The WRS EHR software is designed to optimize the unique workflow of your gastroenterology practice. It provides the tools you need to deliver patient care while combining your administrative, front desk, clinical and billing functions into a single and efficient practice management process.

WRS Health EHR Surgical Workflow

Gastroenterology Surgery Workflow Go to Surgical Workflow

The gastrointestinal surgery scheduling workflow module in WRS Health was built to handle preoperative, perioperative and postoperative charting, billing and scheduling functions as well as to provide a centralized location to view and manage surgical cases.

WRS Health EHR Risk Mitigation

Protect Yourself With Accurate Documentation Go to Risk Mitigation

Communication throughout the beginning-to-end process for gastrointestinal surgery is fully documented in the system. Disclosure and consent documentation is effectively charted for you and your patient’s protection.

Easily monitor the status of lab orders and follow ups to minimize potential errors. For example, patients can automatically receive follow up emails and phone calls. As with Health Maintenance Reminders, you determine the parameters – and the patient outreach occurs automatically.

While no EHR system can protect you and your practice from lawsuits, the right EHR can provide the right tools to help you document your work.

Your most valuable asset in your practice is your time. Don’t squander it chasing down lab tests or beginning patient encounters without the test information you need.

Contact us for more information on how the WRS Health EHR can help your practice workflow.


Better Engagement with a Patient Portal & Practice Website

Connecting with patients is essential for every medical practice. To help build your online presence, the WRS Health Gastroenterology EHR includes both a patient portal and a practice website, customized for your practice.

  • Your patient portal is accessed through a secure login. Following Meaningful Use requirements, the portal allows your practice and patients to securely exchange information, in full compliance with HIPAA.
  • A professionally-built website will place your Gastroenterology practice front and center in your online marketing efforts – and makes a great first impression to new patients.

Gastrointestinal Practice Billing – Revenue Cycle Management

For a well-run medical office, billing can’t be separated from patient registration, charting, scheduling and other functions. All interactions on the WRS Health EHR platform are designed to quickly alert you when there may be an impact on billing. Our billing system is designed to help you catch problems before they happen.

The WRS EHR Billing System includes custom rules and codes specific to digestive and gastrointestinal diseases. Claims are scrubbed and submitted as part of the EHR workflow making charge capture easy.

  • Proper and Complete Reimbursement for Your Services
  • Superbill creation is fast and accurate – even through a global surgical period – so you get paid for all services performed

Most gastroenterology procedures, such as colonoscopy, upper endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are charted with one-click default templates and the pertinent data can be easily entered into the note.

The only thing the billing company can access from the WRS Gastroenterology EHR is the billing component and the ability to print out notes. They can’t go in and make up a note on the patient or document on a patient. It’s privacy secure for the patient. It lets the billing company do what they have to do without calling the office a million times.”

Nena Tucker, Practice Manager

Beyond the EHR – Gastroenterology Practice Business Solutions

WRS Health offers gastroenterologists a full range of services that will maximize revenues while simplifying your medical practice’s workflow.

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