Interoperability With The Connectivity Matters

Extend Your Practice Beyond the Four Walls of Your Office

EHR Connectivity Made Simple

We live in a linked world and accessing those critical connections has never been more important. But connecting in the correct way can mean the difference between a management headache and seamless data availability. WRS Health is an EHR interoperability industry leader. Users only need to login and start using the platform to access our connectivity features. WRS Health instantly connects you to labs, pharmacies, hospitals and health information exchanges…it’s that easy.

In contrast, on-premises software requires an in-house network administrator to ensure the correct implementation, maintenance and update of your connections. With on-premises software, these connections typically change or break-down one-by-one over time.

WRS Health’s web-based EHR was built on a web-native service oriented architecture designed to connect with all other health information systems. Our powerful interface engine permits messaging using HL-7, X-12, CSV, XML and many other message formats. As a result, users of the WRS Health platform have access to the largest library of Health IT connections in the industry

Additional charges apply for lab and registry connections required for MIPS.

Receive Device Data Directly Into Your EHR

At the heart of EHR interoperability is device connectivity. WRS Health makes device integration easy. Connect with devices so that patient data flows from medical devices directly into your Electronic Health Record. From echocardiography for Cardiologists to autorefraction for Ophthalmologists, we have it all.

Electronic Fax Queue

WRS Health EHR interoperability and connectivity is unique in the web-based EHR industry by including an integrated and seamless electronic fax queue. Faxes are received electronically into the system and they never make it to paper. A central fax queue makes all faxes available to all users regardless of the location – a critical feature for offices with multiple locations.

eRx Through Your EHR

Prescription and medication management are critical for smooth workflow and patient safety. You should only entrust your information systems to a vendor with a proven reputation. WRS Health is one of the few vendors to receive Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award year after year. Every major medication routing message is handled, including new prescriptions to retail and mail order pharmacies, medication renewals to retail and mail order pharmacies, prescription benefit, formulary and medication history transactions.

Bi-Directional Connection to All Major Labs

Electronically ordering a lab from your EMR and electronically receiving a result has never been easier than with bi-directional EMR lab connection. With one-click ease you order a lab and receive the result directly in the EMR. No need to login to multiple systems or for duplicate documentation. All actions flow from your order including receipt of results, patient messages and notifications, billing and charting. Our proprietary Order Tracking System takes lab ordering to a new level.

Connect to Referring Providers

For your referring providers, automated consult notes and faxes are generated by the system. If you want to provide access to your notes you can do that with one-click ease. Faxing and receiving documents from other providers is done automatically. Sending and receiving referrals and authorization are also an integrated part of the system. We smooth out the ruffles in doctor-to-doctor online communication.

State Registries ... Immunization and Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

State and Federal authorities are now mandating the reporting of immunization administration as well as communicable/infectious disease. The WRS Health EHR connects to State Board of Health registries to send and receive immunization data as well as syndromic surveillance data. There is no need to login to a separate portal to fulfill your mandated reporting requirements. Setup is easy and we cover you by logging all data transactions.

Communicate with Patients

Connecting with your patients has never been easier. Patients login to their patient portal to enter and review their vital health information. Online appointment reminders, confirmation, appointment recall, health maintenance alerts, check-in and bill pay all happen automatically. Each automated transaction is also an opportunity to educate and connect with your patients. When you render a diagnosis your customized patient education content is automatically sent to the patient. Online and structured secure messaging lets you communicate in an orderly manner at the convenience of you and your patients.

Hospital, Imaging Center, HIE Connectivity

Each community and each practice is unique in their data connection needs and data flow. Connecting to a hospital, health information exchange (HIE), RHIO, Imaging Center or any third-party system is easy. We also partner with Medicity and OptumInsight – companies that service the hospital and HIE industry – to enable seamless data flow.

Branded and Personalized Physician Communications

To ensure that your practice is set up for success, it’s important to portray your professionalism and your services to the providers in your network. When a sloppy or disorganized note is faxed, it reflects poorly on you. WRS Health automatically creates well-organized, professional encounter notes that are prominently branded with your logo, name and address and support your practice marketing. You can easily send a note from within your usual workflow – with a click of the mouse. How you are perceived by your community is vital to your success. By incorporating WRS into your workflow, you can demonstrate your professionalism and create positive perceptions that support your practice goals and can help you grow your referral network.