Medical Billing Services

WRS Health Medical Billing Services Will Increase Your Revenue And Get You Paid Faster

The Business Case

Revenue maximization is the greatest challenge facing practicing physicians. The many dynamics of a do it yourself medical billing system can overwhelm a practice. When done poorly, coding isn’t maximized, claims are late, rejection rates are sky high, payments aren’t posted and AR keeps growing and getting pushed out to later dates. After a while, it seems that there are too many balls in the air to manage.

These financial fundamentals are crucial to execute perfectly every day. Failure to develop and maintain efficient medical billing systems can undo a medical practice.

To achieve medical billing success you need a process designed for specifically for your workflow. Finally, you need medical billing experts who understand your specialty and provide you guidance and full transparency.

That’s where we come in…

The Process

The WRS Health Billing Service has achieved unprecedented success for its clients by following our rigorous and proprietary billing methodology. We start by analyzing your practice for RCM gaps and potential revenue opportunities. We then set up and configure both your software and your medical practice workflow according to tested Best Practices, enhancing said workflow to maximize revenue.

Finally, we assign a Medical Billing Advisor (MBA). a specialty-specific, medical billing and coding expert to perform all billing functions as well as manage and oversee our proven process. Our managed rules engine keeps everything in check, which is why we have one of the lowest claim denial rates in the industry.

Transparency and Reporting

Every month the MBA overseeing your practice personally reviews a detailed Medical Billing Analysis report with you. Unlike other medical billing services, we believe in full transparency. Every aspect of your practice's financial health is reviewed and indexed against performance benchmarks.  Recommendations for improvements are prescribed as needed.

We work based on results, not promises.

More Value For Your Practice

Getting paid correctly the first time is the least costly approach to billing. Practices and physicians using the WRS Health Billing Services experience:

  • Fewer Denials
  • Greater Collections
  • Reduced Staffing Costs
  • Reduced Management Overhead Costs
  • Workflow Automation Savings
  • New Revenue Opportunities

5 Reasons

Why You Should Select WRS Health’s Billing Solutions


Lowest Claim Denial Rates with Managed Rules Engine


Dedicated Specialty-Specific Billing Specialists for End-to-End Service


Enhanced Billing Workflow to Maximize Revenue


Monthly Performance Review and Practice Improvement Implementation


Proven Methods for Maximizing all RCM Key Performance Indicators

Consult with a WRS Health Medical Billing Advisor who is a medical billing expert in your specialty (866) 977-6491