Medical Practice Appointment Scheduling

Patient Scheduling and Patient Workflow Management

Customize by Location, Provider or the Services You Provide

WRS Health allows you to optimize patient scheduling workflow and registration by customizing the medical scheduling system to work the way you work:

  • Customizable Schedule Templates and Appointment Types
  • User-Defined Schedule Views – By Provider, Multi-Provider, Location and Appointment Type
  • Automated Phone & Email Appointment Reminders and Confirmations
  • Customizable Welcome Email for New Patients
  • Practice-Branded, Specialty Specific Patient Portal Website Design


Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders, Health Maintenance And Automatic Recalls

The most valuable asset of a practice is the doctor’s time. The system automatically reminds patients of upcoming appointments, reducing the number of no shows to optimize your workflow and time in the office.

When an appointment is made, the system can be configured to send:

  • An email when an appointment is made
  • An automated phone call reminder before the appointment
  • An SMS text message is sent 24-72 hours before the appointment

When patients need to be recalled for annual visits or other routine recalls, WRS Health handles recall function automatically and reaches out to patients by phone and email based on the criteria you set. Based upon diagnosis, medication, laboratory values, demographics or multiple criteria you can recall or alert subsets of your patients automatically.

Your practice determines the recall protocol based on commonly accepted guidelines and practice preference. Patients can receive automatic appointment reminder calls, emails and SMS messages. Health maintenance alerts are easily created based on diagnosis, age or any parameters you choose. You can fully customize communication for your practice, right down to recording your own personalized messages for automated phone call reminders.

Scheduling and Billing Workflow

Self Service Patient Check-in

The Self-Service Check-in Module offered by WRS Health is a great way to give prospective patients flexibility and speed up your check-in process. The WRS Self-Service Check-in Module:

  • Confirms arrival against EHR schedule without requiring login
  • Verify and Enter Patient Demographic information
  • Verify and Enter Insurance
  • Select Pharmacy
  • Submit Co-Pay
  • Check In Patient with updated status in EHR
  • Optimized for tablet/Ipad
  • Designed for use at the medical office
Scheduling and Billing Workflow

Patient Scheduling and Billing Flow Together

When you add a patient to your schedule, the billing workflow includes an automated eligibility check on your patient's insurance to include co-pay, deductibles and out of network benefits. Fast and accurate Superbill creation helps you get paid for all services performed.

Payment entries are posted and adjusted automatically. Electronic deposits and automatic payment are integrated within the system. By tightly controlling the payment and posting workflow, the WRS Health EHR frees your billing staff for higher-level billing functions.

  • Demographic Alerts
  • Email Reminders
  • Eligibility Check
  • Patient Record
  • Eligibility Displays
  • Co-pay Collection
  • Testing Alerts
  • Encounter Note Created
  • CMS 1500 Auto Populates
  • Orders and Scripts Presented
  • Referral Letters Sent
  • Schedule Follow Up Prompts

4-Step Check-in To Check-Out Workflow

WRS Health features an exclusive 4-Step Workflow that directs the seamless movement of patients and data, end-to-end, throughout the encounter. Patient registration takes place over the phone and/or by the patient on a secure website known as the Patient Portal.