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Staying Power

WRS Health was conceived by a practicing ENT surgeon, Lawrence Gordon, M.D, out of necessity. He experienced first-hand the challenges of practicing medicine while facing the business challenges of running a medical practice. Although WRS Health didn’t officially open its doors until 2005, it has grown from the early days of 3 employees.

Our Why

Solving Different Problems at Different Stages

Our company provides clinician-centered workflow solutions to continually improve and grow their busy medical practice. We provide the people, processes and tools to remove the bottlenecks so that physicians can once again focus on patient care and not technology.

Our Milestones

WRS Health takes on the challenges that physicians face today in running a practice. Our purpose is to build a reliable model that enables a practice to function with efficiency and profitability. From a physician’s vision to where we are today, take a look at our journey.

Working at WRS Health


We continue to grow and hire key roles across various departments. We are committed to helping exceptional people of all backgrounds find their passion and potential in our diverse global team. Check our current listings.

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