Risk Mitigation

Mitigate the Risks Inherent to Practicing Medicine

Reduce your medical liability risks. WRS Health’s exclusive 4-Step Workflow optimizes your administrative, front desk, clinical and revenue cycle management functions into a single, cohesive and seamless process. Complete and accurate patient information is collected every encounter, ensuring that patient demographics, clinical documentation and billing codes are entered correctly … the first time.

Automated documentation and communication management helps reduce medical liability and mitigate risk for clinics and physician practices.

Informed Consent

Informed Consent Documentation

The Surgery Workflow Queue ensures Informed Consent is properly documented before the procedure is scheduled and the information is maintained in the patient’s electronic record. WRS Health prompts for the documentation, and signed forms can be uploaded to the EHR. For practices that use the Digital Pen, the process is further streamlined because completed forms are automatically transmitted to the EHR when the pen is docked.

Patient Education

Accurate and Up-to-Date Patient Education

When you make a diagnosis or recommend a procedure, relevant education information is automatically emailed to the patient. It is also queued for printing at the front desk so hard copies can be given to patients as needed during check-out. Commonly used educational content are tied to diagnosis codes so that patient education is seamlessly linked to charting your encounter note.

Patient Recall and Health Maintenance Reminders

Patient Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders

WRS Health has automated the process of recalling patients for checks or procedures. Your practice determines the protocols and the system will automatically alert patients by phone, SMS or email. Alerts are programmed in and can then be modified based on practice preference.

EHR Order Tracking System

Easily Track Lab Orders, Results and Patient Compliance

Our exclusive Order Tracking System mitigates the risk associated with diagnostic labs and images testing that are not received in a timely manner or acted upon. From the minute a test is ordered until the minute the patient is notified, we make it easy to monitor the status of all orders, systematizing patient follow-up and documenting all actions.