Virtual Assistant Services

Why Consider a WRS Virtual Assistant?

The Business Case

As with any business, big or small, a practice could use a virtual assistant to reduce not just costs but to cover the growth of your business or to provide talent or skill that’s needed temporarily or on a full-time basis.

The front desk impacts nearly every other department and function in a medical practice, internal and external. It is deserving of extra attention. Let us help you.

How a VA Helped with Outstanding Balances

Dr. Jenks’ clinic is a speech and language clinic in Houston, Texas. Before 2020, his clinic struggled with outstanding balances until a virtual assistant stepped in. By managing billing queries and ensuring timely payment reminders, the practice significantly reduced overdue accounts.

“When we first started out, our therapists were running the front desk, and they were having to talk to patients about owing money. Now, the Virtual Assistant keeps our patient collections organized. We’re able to catch when insurance is not paying quicker. Our therapists can focus on care, and do not have to have those awkward conversations with patients anymore.”

Our Focus with the Virtual Assistants

As a physician, you work hard to get things done. But often you need help to juggle the many tasks of managing a practice. WRS Health can provide the service as a combination or a single service. The option is yours to choose. Your trained virtual assistant can work from a minimum of 20 hours per week to a maximum of 50 hours.

  • Appointment Reminder Confirmations – call patients in advance to remind/confirm their appointment details in addition to alerting them what their patient responsibility will be, at the time of visit.
  • Eligibility – check eligibility 24 or 48 hours in advance (practice choice) of your current patient appointment list and follow up on any bad returns, prior to the patient visit.
  • Collections – work on reducing your patient balance by calling your patients to make payments on their current account balance.
  • Chart Check – check the patient’s chart in advance of the appointment to verify labs, authorizations/referrals.
  • Online Presence – engage with patients to collect responses from your patients queries or reviews.

See the results of efficient customer handling, focusing on your core operations, reducing the workload, and much more.

5 Reasons

Why You Should Select WRS Health’s Virtual Assistants


Help keep patients to their scheduled appointments, decreasing the rate of no shows


Positively affect the billing cycle; when negative eligibility occurs, claims can reject


Reduce practice’s accounts receivable


Ensure any required items are up to date prior to the exam, creating less work for the provider


Strengthen the identity of your brand with social media strategy

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