Clinical Knowledgebase and Clinical Content

Clinical content and clinical knowledgebase includes clinical guidelines and standardized templates for practice. When on-premises software is first implemented, typically the medical practice needs to make their templates and clinical content.  Furthermore the act of maintaining and updating a clinical knowledgebase rests squarely on the practice. For this reason, many providers give up the task of creating all the necessary clinical content to streamline their workflow.

The same holds true for a web-enabled or hosted system. Because it is your server that is being hosted centrally, you are responsible for the setup of all data and clinical content.

With a correctly designed web-based solution you get the benefit of the clinical data of all providers on the same software platform. With a cloud-system you don’t need to setup the system as if you were the first practitioner in your specialty to use the software.  You receive the benefit on clinical content and guidelines that have already been input by other groups. Furthermore, the system grows organically through both your input as well as other medical providers on the same platform to the benefit of all providers in the web-community.

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