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Audiology EHR and Practice Management Software

WRS Health’s Audiology EHR and Practice Management System is designed specifically to meet the needs of Audiologists, integrating every aspect of your practice from appointment scheduling to revenue cycle management on a single, cloud-based platform. You can access the system 24/7 from home, the hospital or any location with Internet access.

  • Complete Audiology Templates for audiograms, ABRs, OAEs and more as well as Comprehensive Clinical Content for Quick Charting including full reporting of Clinical Quality Measures (CQM).
  • Automated Health Maintenance alerts and patient recall.
  • Powerful and Integrated Audiology Billing and Revenue cycle management cycle management that gets you proper and complete reimbursement for all the services you provide.
  • Enhanced workflow and practice management.
  • Audiology Practice Marketing Solutions that help you cultivate your image and the services you provide, so your practice can stand out and succeed.
We don’t waste a lot of time with patients filling out information. Everything is entered online, including the family history and medical history. Everything is already built.”

Dr. Victor Kareh

Audiologist Templates and Charting

WRS Health EHR comes pre-loaded with notes and templates specifically designed for audiologists and hearing specialists. Content organization and workflow enables you to seamlessly chart initial visits, follow-up visits and other encounters.


Audiology Templates and Content ‘Out of the Box’

WRS Audiology EHR content permits the audiologist to easily chart an encounter. WRS Audiology EHR comes with an extensive audiology-specific note library such as otoacoustic emission measurements, videonystagmographys, and electrophysiologic tests. For the Audiology Review of Systems you will find audiology-relevant complaints and symptoms such as dizziness and chronic ear infections.

  • Ear pain Adult
  • Ear pain pedia
  • Impacted Cerumen
  • Infectious Myringitis
  • Otitis Media
  • Presbycusis
I have very few no shows, which is always a good thing, and I attribute that to WRS Patient Reminders.”


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Beyond the EHR - Audiology Business Solutions

WRS Health offers audiologists a full range of services that will maximize revenues while simplifying your medical practice's workflow.

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