Integrated Obstetrics-Specific Features Enhance Your Workflow

Developed in conjunction with obstetricians, WRS EMR facilitates established clinical and workflow processes, freeing you and your practice to focus on your patients.

Capture ACOG Data and More with Antepartum Flow Sheet and Note Template

The Antepartum Flow Sheet and Note template combines ACOG data capture with additional functionality for quick charting and an efficient workflow. Pertinent charting elements are entered at each visit and the Flow Sheet's single-page format allows for easy tracking over the pregnancy. To speed the Obstetrics workflow:

Antepartum Note
  • Commonly used content, including standard gynecologic history, infection history, and genetic counseling items, is pre-populated so you can quickly select it
  • A single click charts a Normal Review of Systems – or individual items can be charted as appropriate
  • An automatic Due Date calculator that tracks expected and actual due dates
  • Video and images from your devices can be transmitted to your WRS EMR and attached to the patient's record
  • For billing purposes, the CPT code for antepartum care is entered automatically. Other OB/GYN CPT and ICD codes are available to be selected as appropriate

While the Antepartum Flow Sheet and Note offer many advantages, practioners who prefer paper can use the WRS Healthcare Digital Pen to complete traditional ACOG forms and the data will flow to the patient's record.

Due Date Report At Your Fingertips

Due Date Report At Your Fingertips

With just a few clicks, you can get an instant list of the patients expected to deliver within any timeframe you choose. In addition to being useful for scheduling or for physicians who are on call, this feature makes it a cinch to provide planning data to your hospital.

Easy Ordering and Tracking of Obstetric Lab Panels

Standard obstetric lab panels such as Prenatal Profiles can be ordered with a single click. WRS offers connectivity with all major labs, enabling lab results to be received directly into the OB/GYN EMR. Additionally, WRS exclusive Order Tracking System allows for easy tracking of lab orders and results along with documentation of your practice's associated patient communications.

View and Manage Planned C-Sections and Other Surgical Cases

WRS exclusive Surgical Workflow Queue helps you manage the beginning-to-end process for planned C-sections by facilitating and documenting key steps and tracking the global period for billing. Valuable for gynecologic surgeries as well, the queue organizes the workflow into four stages: 

Surgery Workflow
  • Preoperative – Addresses all activities prior to the surgery date, including preauthorization, medical clearance, scheduling the surgery, preoperative testing, consent and managing communications with the operating room.
  • Perioperative – Covers the date of surgery plus six days and includes entry of the surgical procedure into the patient's record and seamless claim creation.
  • Postoperative  – Patient follow-ups are recorded and you are alerted to the end of the global period for billing services.
  • Completed – Care subsequent to the global period is recorded and billed. This area is also useful for reviewing past surgical cases or cancelled surgeries.
We are surgeons dealing with newborn deliveries. The WRS EMR delivers considerable workflow efficiencies and works GREAT.   Barbara Buckley, NP, Comprehensive Women's Healthcare, Grapevine, TX