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WRS Health Releases New EMR and Practice Management Solutions For Occupational Therapy Practices

“WRS Health offers award-winning Health IT Platforms for a number of medical specialties and services,” said Lawrence Gordon, MD, founder and CEO of WRS Health. “Occupational Therapists have unique practice needs that have not been fully met by EHR vendors. The  WRS Health Occupational Therapy EMR and practice management platform has changed that.”
Occupational Therapy EMR
GOSHEN, N.Y. (June 24, 2014) – WRS Health, a leading provider of Health IT Platforms for medical practices, announced today a suite of cloud-based EMR, practice management and patient communication services designed specifically for Occupational Therapy practices.

The WRS Health Occupational Therapy EMR and practice management platform was designed specifically to meet the needs of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. Our platform integrates every aspect of an occupational therapy practice from appointment scheduling through revenue cycle management to increased efficiencies and ensuring that payment is made for all the services performed.

With the WRS Health Occupational Therapy EMR you will find occupational therapy-specific physical exam findings already loaded in your note, such as occupational therapy evaluations. Charting routine to complex encounters are simplified with our platform. For example. when you complete cognitive assessments, or goniometer evaluations, intelligent templates enable you to quickly chart out the encounter with one-click. The platform contains a full library of OT templates that can be incorporated into your practice and edited to suit your practice style. All of the content in the WRS Health Occupational Therapy EMR has been reviewed by practicing Occupational Therapists.

WRS Health offers OT practices access to innovative tools such as our digital pen. The WRS Digital Healthcare Pen is fully integrated into the WRS Health Occupational Therapy EMR and can save you significant time and money. Cognitive Assessments, Pain Assessments and other types of documentation such as Patient History can be filled out by the patient in the waiting room with the WRS Digital Pen. The data from these patient forms then flows seamlessly into your note without requiring you to re-key data from the patient forms. All your data can sit on one platform without the need to export or import, or cut and paste data or documents.

WRS Health Occupational Therapy EMR makes sure proper and complete reimbursement is given for all the OT services provided. Eligibility checking of your patients is seamless and automatic. Based upon the scheduled appointment date all patients are automatically checked for up-to-date insurance and demographic data to ensure that you get paid. WRS web-based EMR accomplishes this by establishing electronic connections to insurance companies. This takes the eligibility checking burden off of your already busy front desk.

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About WRS Health

WRS Health, formerly Waiting Room Solutions, is the leading web-based provider of fully integrated EMR and Practice Management software solutions for over 32 medical specialties. In 2013, WRS Health was awarded the Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award for e-Prescribing Best Practices for the third year in a row. WRS Health seamlessly integrates all of the clinical and business functions required for healthcare providers, including: Electronic Medical Records, Revenue Cycle Management, Personal Health Records, electronic prescribing (eRx), scheduling, website creation and content management, messaging, fax, order tracking, and billing — all at an affordable price. WRS Health is a Surescripts® Solution Provider for its web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management System (PM) V4.0. The EMR and PM V4.0 is Surescripts® certified for prescription routing messaging. It has been designed and built by successful medical professionals, who leveraged their expertise to help other healthcare providers with similar issues. More information on WRS Health can be found at, or by calling 1-866-WRS-4EMR.

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