“One day I was introduced to WRS and I felt that the cloud EMR was one of them most physician friendly systems that I have seen.”

These days, an unflattering review of your medical services from a dissatisfied patient can easily be posted on the Internet.  Look up Dr. David Ballestas and his practice, Medical Pavilion Walk-In Clinic in Port Charlotte, Florida and you’ll see only excellent reviews, such as: “Dr. Ballestas has been my primary care physician for the past sixteen years. He has always been available, extremely bright and competent to make the diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. He gets it right the first time! In addition, he is one of the most caring doctors I've had the privilege of knowing and taking care of me and his attitude extends to his staff. I thank God for him and his service to this community. His service extends outside the community as well as in his service to the victims of 9/11 in New York and overseas too. He is one in a million!”

With outstanding accolades, we were interested in finding out what factors are contributing to Dr. Ballestas’ 32 years of success as an Internal Medicine physician. We had a hunch that a web based Urgent Care Electronic Medical Record was on his priority list.  So, we contacted Dr. Ballestas and asked him the following questions: 

WRS: How did you choose WRS for your Urgent Care walk-in clinic?

Dr. Ballestas: One day I was introduced to WRS and I felt that the cloud EMR was one of them most physician friendly systems that I have seen. Because it was created by a physician I felt that WRS was more into the medical aspects than any other EMRs and that’s what I found out. I’m very satisfied with WRS from the medical point of view.

WRS: How has WRS Electronic Medical Record affected your Urgent Care practice’s workflow?

Dr. Ballestas: The workflow is smoother because of the ability to perform registration– the way the patient can register and is then seen by the nurse, and then there is input from the nurse.  I can use the information in my medical interview with the patient. The system flows the way we would normally do when we interview and assess the patient and when we give them medications. The whole workflow in WRS resembles what we normally do in real life, but the workflow is better.

Urgent Care Case Study

WRS Health thanks David Ballestas, M.D. for sharing his case study on the WRS Urgent Care Electronic Medical Record.