“WRS is a complete solution that enabled me to expand my practice from primary care into urgent care.”

Scalability and Expansion

The Search for an Accessible EHR Solution

Dr. Jeetendra Issar, M.D. was at a crossroad with Doctor Today, his medical practice in Florida. He wanted to scale his primary care clinic and expand into urgent care, but he didn’t want to invest the time or money on the heavy IT infrastructure that would be needed to rep­licate for each office. Dr. Issar evaluated four urgent care electronic medical record systems before he selected Waiting Room Solutions.

“One of the EMR systems we looked at was only suited for a one-doctor or one-clinic practice and the server was based in house. There was a different database for different physical locations of the clinics. We have multiple clinics in Florida and we needed one database so that we wouldn’t have to start making new charts all of the time. With these other EMR systems, data could not be shared among the different physicians or locations of the clinics,” said Dr. Issar.

So, Dr. Issar asked another physician for a recommendation. “One of the local doctors told me about Waiting Room Solutions EMR. He was using WRS for only one year and he was so satis­fied. We looked at it, and we liked it and we went forward.”

Flawless Execution

Dr. Issar was impressed that with Waiting Room Solutions cloud system he didn’t need to hire a network administrator to manage all of the multiple connections that were necessary to connect with third parties, such as hospitals, insurance com­panies, pharmacies and labs. “Waiting Room Solutions not only takes care of all of our software needs, they manage all of our connections and are accessible to me wherever I have an Internet connection. The WRS cloud keeps one database for all of our clinics, it is very user friendly and it is very economical. We can share data among the five physicians at our four clinic locations. It was also easy to implement,” asserted Dr. Issar in his testimonial.

How Much Do You Charge?

When it comes to billing patients, Waiting Room Solutions Urgent Care EMR guides Dr. Issar’s practice as to what the level of a visit is. “When we see patients, they have different levels of difficulty. The time spent on the patient is different for different problems. WRS software helps to generate the level of the visit and tells how much to charge for the particular level. That was previously done arbitrarily on our own and it was based on memory and hand recording,” said Dr. Issar.

WRS EMR also sets the gold standard for its ability to inform Dr. Issar and the other physicians at Doctor Today if there are any deficiencies in past patient history. “A patient who may have had a cold or one problem at one visit may have a new problem at the next visit. Waiting Room Solutions can tell the level of difficulties in management of the patient based on whatever data we’ve put in. It’s a different level of time spent and a different level of visit. It’s a mental exercise to come to a conclu­sion of a diagnosis of a patient. When we bill for a visit, Waiting Room Solutions guides us about whether a particular level of visit is appropriate,” asserted Dr. Issar.

Recalling the headaches he had accessing paper charts prior to implementing Waiting Room Solutions, Dr. Issar said, “The problem is that paper charts can be misplaced and when patients visit you at one location and then they visit you at another location, you don’t have their paper chart.”

Dr. Issar was also impressed with the urgent care EMR’s capability to record Doctor Today’s pa­tients’ past medical records, allergies, medications, medical histories and pharmacy information. “It’s very easy to get everything in one click,” he indicated in his testimonial.

Make No Mistake

The urgent care EMR has also eliminated the potential for medical errors that are caused by illeg­ible handwriting. “The level of documentation has increased. With Waiting Room Solutions there are no problems with handwriting,” said Dr. Issar.

Was it difficult to train his staff? “The team at WRS is very accessible,” recalled Dr. Issar. He reminisced in his testimonial about how excited Doctor Today’s staff was when they were informed that he was going to implement WRS. “We knew we had to implement an EMR system. We decided we would have to go paperless. There were also requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Ser­vices (CMS) to do that,” he explained.

Dr. Issar couldn’t stress enough how Waiting Room Solutions surpasses the competition in serv­ing the practice management needs of a multi clinic practice that has successfully expanded into urgent care. “Waiting Room Solutions is one of the best practice management systems, particu­larly for small to medium size clinics,” he said.

So, what will Dr. Issar say if this time around a physician asks him for a recommendation for an urgent care EMR? “I would recommend Waiting Room Solutions to many physicians,” said Dr. Issar to conclude his testimonial, without a moment’s hesitation.

Urgent Care Testimonial

WRS Health thanks Jeetendra Issar, M.D. for sharing his testimonial on the WRS Urgent Care EMR.