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5 Tips For Increasing Patient Engagement

In order to demonstrate patient engagement to satisfy MU Stage 2 requirements, medical practices need to implement a patient engagement strategy.

The following 5 TIPS are designed to help you successfully implement
and support your efforts to increase patient engagement.


Communicate the importance of the practice’s engagement process to your patients, providers and employees. Make them partners in the process.


Make patient engagement part of the organizational culture. Make it part of your vision statement, practice goals and policies.

Measurement Goals

The practice staff needs to have realistic goals to measure progress against. Additionally a mechanism for feedback needs to be place for both staff and patients.


An integrated patient portal should come with a suite of communication and social media tools. Use them! Promote this with patients and staff.

Acknowledge Users

Thanking patients with a simple note for using the patient portal can go a long way to reinforcing positive behavior and encouraging continued use and engagement.

A well-designed integrated patient portal and properly executed marketing plan can dramatically increase patient engagement.