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Is Your Front Desk Operating Inefficiently?

WRS Digital Healthcare Pen

Digital Pen Steps

Understanding the amount of time your front office staff spends on patient data entry, WRS Health offers a digital pen solution that expedites the patient check-in process; ultimately helping your medical practice run more efficiently. Patients in your waiting room can simply fill out required forms, and the data is automatically loaded into their personal records.

Sounds easy? It is. Here’s how it works.

When you print out a pen form, it contains a unique digital pattern identifying the patient. The patient’s full name, date of birth, today’s date, and select practice information are all automatically printed onto the page. 

The pen writes like a normal ink-based pen, but there is a huge difference.  Once the digital pen touches the paper, a small camera inside the pen captures all strokes made on the paper.

Once it’s docked, data is automatically transmitted into the EHR. A digital copy with the patient’s handwriting is also saved as a PDF file.

With a library of digital forms to choose from, and the opportunity to create your own, you can rest assured that the discrete data your practice needs to capture is placed into the appropriate section of the EHR; giving your staff the freedom to focus on other tasks.

Just to reiterate, the benefits of using the digital pen include:

  1. Accelerating the check-in process
  2. Eliminating Manual data entry
  3. Eliminating Scanning of forms
  4. Seamless Integration in the EHR

Our state-compliant medical forms can also be printed on any inkjet printer, which means the setup process is quick and easy.

The benefits of the WRS Health digital pen do not stop there. Providers who prefer paper charting can also rely on the Digital Pen as an alternative means to enter data into the EMR.