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The Secret to Shopping for a New EHR

When shopping for a new EHR, it’s easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles that take attention away from other fundamentals you should consider during the research phase.

While selecting the right EHR is of course important, equally important is selecting a vendor partner whose business philosophy and commitment to helping your practice succeed and continuously improve matches your own.

You want to select a consultative solution provider that has taken the time to study and understand the nuances of your practice so that they can properly support your initial planning and implementation all the way to ongoing training, support and optimization reports to keep you on track for continuous improvement.

In this month’s guide, Secret to Shopping for a New EHR, we explore the most important considerations to weigh as you do your EHR research and shopping, with a particular focus on the qualities to seek in a vendor partner from implementation service and support to ongoing training and performance reviews.

Know What You Need

A big time waster is beginning the shopping process without a clear idea of what your practice needs, and the features and benefits of most importance to your unique practice. 


This is where the ”shopping” work should begin. What three to five things do you absolutely need your EHR to help your practice solve? What areas of the practice are you trying to streamline or improve? How would you like your practice to change, grow and evolve over the next five years and what systems support do you need to make the right business decisions? Make sure your expectations are realistic, but also stretch with a vision toward the future.

Include Your Team

Another often overlooked source of insight and wisdom comes from within your practice. Be sure to talk to everyone in your practice and find out what is hindering their success or speed at work. What is on their EHR wish list that perhaps you may be unaware of? What system impediments or shortcomings cause them the most stress and aggravation?

Including the entire team in the process from the beginning will ensure buy-in at every level and facilitate adoption of the operational changes to come.

Taking the time to do your homework now will save you time and money in the future and ensure your practice does not fall critically behind. This guide also outlines key EHR implementation tips so you roll it out the right way from the outset.

Take your time, be thoughtful and choose your EHR and vendor carefully to ensure you roll out a system with a vendor partner vested in your success.