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Upgrades Are An Important Factor In EMR Purchasing Decisions

As with any IT product, electronic health record software that works well today can be outdated tomorrow as standards and technology advances.

Not only should EHR customers evaluate price, functionality and security, they should also consider how often software upgrades are required – and if they come at an additional cost.

With Waiting Room Solutions, there’s no software to purchase. Our EMR software is hosted and maintained offsite. You simply access your software via Internet. You do not have to invest in expensive servers; you do not have to invest in ‘owning’ the software outright. These systems are also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) EMR or ASP (Application Service Provider) EMR.

With a web-based EMR, there are no software upgrades to implement and no data backups or hardware security to worry about. In addition, your data is regularly backed up, so that you don’t even have to think about it.
With software and hardware upgrades automatically included with your subscription, it’s easy to see why a web-based EMR system provides the value and reliablity you need to improve your medical practice.

WRS Health is a CCHIT certified and HIPAA compliant EMR and Medical Practice Management System. Request more information today.