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Ways That An EHR Can Improve Patient Care

As widely discussed as electronic medical records (EHR) are today, its benefits may not always be obvious. A health technology blog recently ran a piece that provides a great list of benefits that electronic medical records can provide to improve patient care and improve practice management.

Several advantages of an EHR system include:
  • Better medical security. Since data can be backed up and stored offsite, EHRs are less subject to potential physical damage, data loss and even forgery than paper records.
  • EHRs reduce patient wait times, as there’s no need to wait for charts to be pulled by a treating health care specialist.
  • Data stored in an EHR can be sent more easily than paper records. Digital records can be transferred faster in the case of emergencies, as well.
  • EMRs (like WRS Health) that integrate e-prescriptions can help reduce the risk that a  patient will get the wrong drug or dosage due to hand-written prescription errors. EHR software can also alert doctors and patients of potential drug interactions.
The benefits of switching to an EHR do not happen immediately, but with training and some time, these advantages can be achieved.

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